Serving 3rd-8th grade football players attending any school in District 112 area and the Communities of Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, Victoria & East Union

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CCFA Philosophy

We believe the lessons learned through a well directed football program may be as valuable as those learned in academic settings. Hopefully, these lessons teach our youngsters how to be more successful in other areas of their lives.

Our emphasis is on getting a great effort from our players, and we will teach our players that we are all capable of giving a great effort no matter what our physical and mental abilities are. Great effort requires mental toughness, and we hope to develop a team centered mental toughness that each player embraces through quality practice and game situations with his teammates.

Our coaches will do everything they can to plan well designed schemes and to execute practice plans wells, so our players comprehend the structure they need to develop to their capabilities. Furthermore, we believe lasting success comes from developing players all year long.

Our staff is pleased to have the privilege of working with today's youth. We are thankful to the parents who entrust us with their children, and we recognize the huge responsibility we have. Accordingly, our goal is to develop your children as a football player and as a responsible young person in the safest, most effective way possible.

Finally, this football program depends on the effort of parents for its success. All parents can do something to help, and this is all we ask. The work each parent puts in will benefit numerous individuals now and in the future. We all are investing in tomorrow's leaders and families. We believe this is a great thing to do.

The philosophy of the Chaska Chanhassen Football Association is to create an organized football program for all children that live or go to school in ISD 112 area. The primary purpose of the program is not to win football games, but rather to teach the fundamentals of football, sportsmanship, discipline, and the importance of team play to all of the participants.