Serving 3rd-8th grade football players attending any school in District 112 area and the Communities of Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, Victoria & East Union

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WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS are set by the Southwest Metro league that CCFA plays under.

(Weights are determined at equipment pickup and weigh-in.)


Ball Carrying Players (no stripes)
Any player who weighs less than or equal to these weights will be called “Ball Carrying” players which can line up in a position to carry or receive the football (running backs, quarterbacks, flankers and ends). They can also play ANY position on defense. 
Grade Weight
4 <= 90
5   <= 100
6   <= 120
7   <= 140
8   <= 155 



Designated Players (single stripe)

Players within these weight limits will be called “Designated Players”. These players may not carry the ball or line up in a backfield position, e.g., as a blocking back, at any time during the game. They can play ANY position on defense.


Grade Weight
4 >=91
5   >=101
6   >=121
7   >=141
8   >=156