Serving 3rd-8th grade football players attending any school in District 112 area and the Communities of Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, Victoria & East Union

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if we are on vacation for our grade's equipment pick up night?

A: A family can come to any other grade night they can make it. There is also a last chance date set for those that can not make it on their scheduled times. Please refer to the CCFA calendar for specific dates and locations.


Q: What equipment do I need to buy?

A: The CCFA will loan all players a helmet, shoulder pads and pants. All players get to keep their jerseys and mouth guards which the CCFA also provides to every player. The only items a player needs to provide are cleats and an athletic supporter (cup is required).


Q: I want my player to play with a certain buddy or on a certain coach's team, can you do that?

A: No. The CCFA's goal when putting the teams together is to make all teams equal and balanced (the reason for evaluations). In order for the coaches and commissioners to accomplish that goal, we can not honor anyone's request to be with a particular buddy or on a coach's team.


Q: What is the deal with the weight restrictions I have heard about?

A: All grades allow all players of all weights to play. For safety reasons and to keep the game competitive, we restrict the larger players from carrying the ball. The weight outlines for every grade level will be posted during equipment pick up and weigh in.


Q: Does my player need to be there to get his equipment?

A: Yes. Equipment only goes out after it has been fitted properly on a player.


Q: Will our teams play any out of town teams?

A: All grades play the majority of their games against other Chaska Chanhassen teams.  Grades 4 through 8 play some out of town teams.  Fourth grade plays with Eden Prairie.  Fifth and sixth grade plays with Eden Prairie and Bloomington.  Seventh grade plays with Eden Prairie, Bloomington and Edina.  Eighth grade plays with Eden Prairie and Edina.

Q. How can I get involved with the Chaska Chanhassen Football Association?

A: The CCFA is always looking for volunteers. Check out our Volunteer Here page for information. We encourage interested parties to attend a monthly board meeting or contact any of the officers listed on our Contacts page.